Art Gallery


Home learning art project 
To pupils, staff, parentssend us your original drawings of:-  


1. Flowers or plants from your garden

Wild flowers by Kitty Smith

Mosaic Flower Garden by Katie Payne

Fir Tree by Ewan Harris

Magnolia Bush by Elizabeth Harris

Japanese Maple by Mrs Harris

Bluebells by Mrs Hill

Water Lily by Freddie France

Tulip by Daisy Moores

Sunflower by Isabella Davis

Poppies by Mrs Rossetti

Lilies by Martha Moores

Poppies by Rebecca Pilkington

Rainbow Poppies by Noah Danby

Make A Wish by Noah Danby


2. Confectionary and chocolate bar wrappers 

My Favourite Chocolate Bars by Noel Payne

Twix by Emily Moores

Smarties by Mrs Seymour

Smarties by Hudson Brewster-Dixon

Kit Kat by Mrs Newby

Aero by Ellie Frame

Refresher by Alfie Frame

Dairy Milk by Ollie Frame

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