Black History

Our pupils have been learning about people who have made an important contribution to British History.


Roy Hackett

Children in class 3 and class 4 learned about the Bristol bus boycott which led to the introduction of the Race Relations Act, 1965.


Facts about Roy Hackett

He was born 18th September 1928 in Jamaica.

He travelled to England on a boat in 1952.

He helped set up the Commonwealth Coordinated Committee.

He is known for making a difference in England for over 50 years.

He is still alive today. He is 90 years old.

A statue was made of him for making a difference.


Dame Floella Benjamin

The children in class 1 and 2 studied the book Coming to England and learned about her life.


Tessa Sanderson and Mary Seacole

Pupils in class 3 learned about prominent females in British history

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