Class 3's Catalyst Museum Visit

To further develop pupils' understanding of volcanoes, rocks and fossils, the pupils from Class 3 visited the Catalyst Science Museum in Widnes.



Our visit began with a workshop exploring the universe which enabled pupils to learn about a range of scientific topics. Our brave volunteers were given the opoportunity to work with different apparatus and equiment such as a Van Der Graaf generator, plasma ball and infra-red camera. 

Following our first workshop, the children were then given the opportunity to explore a range of 'hands-on' activities across three floors of the museum, completing challenges along the way which had been provided to stretch their learning. 







After lunch, pupils were treated to a fascinating workshop on volcanoes, fossils and rocks. Having been learning about rocks and fossils in science, and volcanoes as part of their georgraphy-based project on Europe, pupils impressed staff with their wonderful knowledge and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to apply what they had learned over the course of the term in a number of experiments. Pupils began be classifying a range of different rocks before building their own volcanic erruption (with a little help from a squeeze of lemon juice and scoop bicarbonate of soda). Finally, they produced fossils using plastic moulds which were cooled and then taken home as a lasting momento of a wonderful and fun day of  learning.







We would like to thank our parent helpers and the wonderful staff at the Catalyst Museum for contributions to another successful school trip!

Nether Alderley Primary School, Bradford Lane, Nether Alderley, Macclesfield SK10 4TR