Curriculum Intention

Pupils will:

â–ª be inspired by the teaching at our school

â–ª be engaged and experience learning as enjoyable and fulfilling

â–ª develop an enquiring mind, a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge

â–ª develop the ability, attitude and organisational skills to work both independently and in collaboration with others

â–ª master the key skills and achieve a level of competency sufficient to prepare them for the future challenges they will face

â–ª experience success and enjoy opportunities to celebrate their achievements


At Nether Alderley Primary School, the curriuclum is separated into three key areas:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage [Reception]
  • Key Stage 1 [Year 1 & 2]
  • Key Stage 2 [Year 3, 4, 5 & 6]

As classes are organised in mixed-age groups, the school arranges its curriuclum on a two-year rolling programme. The programme has been designed to promote cross-curricular links across areas of the National Curriculum, in order to enable pupils to apply knowledge, understanding and skills across a range of different subjects. This has proven to be a successful and enjoyable way of learning for our pupils. 

The programme of study is set around a theme or topic. In order to view the topics delivered, click the links below to access our long-term curriculum maps:

Early Years

Key Stage One

Key Stage Two


We enhance our school curriculum with the provision of enrichment opportunities involving trips, visitors, workshops and special themed days and weeks.

eg. Creativity week, Science week, Maths week

Thursday Clubs is a long-established tradition at Nether Alderley. Pupils are taught in small mixed-class groups, learning skills in enjoyable creative sessions.  



Link to Thursday Clubs gallery


We conduct pupil surveys to measure the impact of the curriculum and use the findings to improve our provision.


In order to inform parents and families on how they might best support their child's learning away from the school setting, we regularly host information evenings which enables us to share best practice. Below are examples of documents which may be of interest when supporting children's learning at home:



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