Early reading

Developing a love of reading begins at an early age. Even as babies and toddlers, children are often captivated by books. When children begin school at Nether Alderley, we aim to nurture a life-long love of books - regardless of individual tastes and preferences, there is something out there for everyone!

In EYFS, pupils are introduced to reading depending on their prior experiences. Some children begin by exploring picture books and telling stories based on illustrations, whereas others arrive able to read some simple books. 

Often, parents will ask teachers the most effective way of helping their children learn to read. Whilst there is no magical answer, there are many things that parents can do with their children to help promote a love of reading in the home. Our suggestions include:

  • make reading a part of a regular routine - little and often is much more effective than infrequent, longer reading sessions
  • model good reading by sharing examples of texts with children
  • be seen to be a reader yourself - children are curious by nature and look to imitate adult behaviours
  • be enthusiastic about books - take time to visit libraries and book shops
  • engage in discussions around texts - there is so much more to shared reading than just reading the words in print
  • as children mature, begin to share reading - take turns to read pages to 'lighten the load' after a busy day at school
  • let children choose the texts they would like to read - choice has a dramatic effect on enjoyment of reading
  • encourage and congratulate your child after reading sessions

In the video below, Mrs Barr (former Nether Alderley teacher) demonstrates some good habits to consider when seeking to develop early reading.

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