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We are receiving lots of amazing work that Class 2 are doing at home. Unfortunately, we can't put it all on the website!  However, we choose a 'Learner of the week' during every week of the term, plus we nominate three children for a headteacher's award. You can see their names and work below. 

Also, don't forget we have set up display board on Purple Mash to showcase some of your projects. So, when you next log into Purple Mash, click on the green sharing tab at the top of the Home page and you should find your way through to the display boards section.

Also look below for the names of our Mathletics superstars who have all earned certificates while we have been home learning.


Week beginning 13th July

Learner of the week: 

Knox - for setting himself high standards for all his work, for excellent progress in his writing and an amazing 'Wild things' puppet show!

Headteacher's awards:

Blake - for an excellent attitude to all his work, for super progress in phonics and a wonderful goodbye message for Year 6!

Harry - for trying hard in all his tasks, for wonderful handwriting and for thinking of tricky questions for his quiz for the teachers!

George C - for always putting in 100% effort, for wonderful progress in maths and for some fiendishly difficult questions in his quiz for Mr Morris and Mr Norman!


Week beginning 6th July

Learner of the week:

Logan - for working extra hard on his maths, spelling and handwriting plus a fantastic seascape and a great idea for his handwashing hero!

Headteacher's awards:

Gabriel H - for increased independence in his writing, excellent work on maths and super progress in phonics!

Daisy - for careful work in maths, superb expression in her reading and excellent posture in her sports challenges.

Jago - for great ideas for his newspaper article, great determination and concentration on his sports challenges and an entertaining 'Wild Things' puppet show!


Week beginning 29th June

Learner of the week:

Dontai - for thinking up and writing some great sentences, for excellent expression when reading and for cheering up everyone with his smile!

Headteacher's awards:

Katie - for amazing effort on everything, great grammar work and super progress in her writing.

Gethin - for enthusiastic yet careful work in maths, increased independence when writing and for great ideas in discussions.

Noel - for always working hard, fantastic ideas for his writing and for careful explanations of his reasoning in maths. 


Week beginning 22nd June

Learner of the week:

Teddy - for excellent effort with his writing, great concentration and inventing an amazing handwashing hero!

Headteacher's awards:

Harris - for consistently using all his writing skills, great research on lots of topics and voracious reading!

Rose - for great effort on her writing, careful work in maths and for her general enthusiasm for her learning!

Ruby - for working hard on the presentation of her writing, super effort in maths and for working with a smile!


Week beginning 15th June

Learner of the week

Noah - for always learning with a smile, consistently working to his best standard and some amazing stories, read beautifully!

Headteacher's awards:

Ava - for always working with enthusiasm, for creative artwork and excellent progress in maths!

Charlie - for responding brilliantly to challenges, super progress in his writing and careful work on his art.

Ella - for a superb attitude to her learning, meticulous work in maths and entertaining pieces of writing!


Week beginning 8th June

Learner of the week

Gabriel M - for working really hard at home, especially on his reading, writing skills and maths!

Headteacher's awards:

George A - for amazing progress in his handwriting, careful work on his maths and some great artwork!

Hugo - for some excellent pieces of writing, challenging himself on his maths and some fantastic scientific explanations!

Tabatha - for imaginative and high-quality writing, fabulous artwork and super practising on the piano!


Week beginning 1st June

Learner of the week

Oliver - for great ideas in writing, high-quality handwriting in all his work and some wonderful artwork!

Headteacher's awards:

Ruari - for working incredibly hard on his reading, for excellent work on his maths and for some amazing research projects!

Harry - for working with great care on his seaside writing, for hard work in maths and for being a wonderful big brother!

George C - for always working extremely hard, excellent improvement in maths skills and some superb art!


Week beginning 18th May

Learner of the week

Martha - for creative ideas in her writing, excellent work on improving handwriting and some superb art and singing!

Headteacher's awards:

Harrison - for great concentration on his maths, excellent ideas and punctuation in writing and good camouflaging work for science!

Ellie - for entertaining stories, informative animal factsheets and wonderful handwriting!

Knox - for superb writing including a great description of a setting, accurate work in maths and aiming for high quality in everything he does!


Week beginning 11th May

Learner of the week

Blake - for consistently trying hard with his home larning, making super progress in maths, reading and handwriting!

Headteacher's awards:

Dontai - for focusing well on his maths, writing some super similes and great skills when building with Meccano!

Katie - for some excellent writing, including her similes, careful work in maths and fantastic drumming on her homemade drum kit!

Noel - for using excellent strategies in maths, very entertaining stories and for lots of creative ideas in art, construction and craft!


Week beginning 4th May

Learner of the week:

Harris - for working with great care and attention at home, always aiming to produce his very best quality work!

Headteacher's awards:

Gabriel H - for embracing learning with enthusiasm and creativity plus working carefully on improving his letter formation.

Daisy - for putting lots of effort into her learning, always listening carefully and producing some super writing, maths and art!

Ava - for wonderful effort on her maths, writing and spelling, for careful artwork and for completing everything with a smile!


Week beginning 27th April

Learner of the week:

George C - for consistently working with enthusiasm at home and for great quality work!

Headteacher's awards:

Gethin - for excellent effort on everything, including Dad's extra maths!

Arabella - for being an enthusiastic learner, for her imaginative writing, great cooking and being a helpful big sister!

Charlie - for working hard on everything, amazing creativity and being a great nature explorer!


Week beginning 20th April

Learner of the week:

Ella - for working at home with boundless enthusiasm and being a wonderful older sister.

Headteacher's awards:

Jago - for perseverence with tricky maths problems about fractions and being an entertaining story teller!

Ruby - for enthusiastically work on everything and making super improvement in her handwriting!

Noah - for putting amazing energy into his projects, wonderful writing and keeping fit on his bike!


Mathletics Hall of Fame

Well done to all the children who have completed lots of Mathletics actibvities and earned themselves certificates:

Ava, Charlie, Ellie, Blake, Knox, Gethin, Noah, George A, George C, Logan, Arabella, Katie, Noel, Daisy, Harry and Ruby.


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