Key Stage 1 (KS1)

Key Stage 1 (KS1) comprises Year 1 and Year 2. At Nether Alderley Primary School, these year groups are taught together in Class 2.


Our KS1 team

Our team consists of teachers Mr Morris and Mr Norman plus teaching assistant Ms Rossetti. We are also very lucky to have specialist subject teaching support from Mr Draper (PE) and Mrs Norman (music).


KS1 curriculum 

In KS1 children move from the child-initiated approach of the EYFS to more structured learning. However, that doesn't mean there's no fun! We incorporate active learning and a range of activities into our everyday lessons. For the Year 1 children, we carefully manage the transition from the EYFS to incorporate some of the elements of learning that they've been used to in Class 1, for example providing some time for 'choosing'.

Our KS1 curriculum uses a cross-curricular topic approach with termly themes like 'On the move!' The topics link learning from different subjects to the the theme. Not only does this make learning more meaningful for the children, it's also exciting for the staff to be able to build in a wide range of activities and experiences. We have a two-year cycle for our topics to make sure we cover the national curriculum in full. When we can, we link English and maths lessons to the theme but Year 1 and Year 2 children will often work on different, but related, tasks in order to access learning that is appropriate to their age.

At Nether Alderley we strive to maintain a rich and varied curriculum that extends beyond the mandatory requirements.   For instance, KS1 children take a full part in our Thursday clubs afternoons. There are also special events through the year including: Arts Week, Science Week, our KS1 nativity play, our summer concert, a range of visits and  visitors plus the ever-popular Nether Alderley's Got Talent contest!



For KS1 children, learning at home often works best with adult support. We regularly send homework as it helps consolidate what happens in school as well as forming good habits for KS2.

Reading is a key skill. At this age, we recommend reading at home four to five times a week, with each session being for no more than 10 minutes long. This gives children lots of opportunities to apply the phonics and other reading skills that are essential foundations for a lifelong love of reading. For more information about reading at Nether Alderely, please click here.

Children also take home phonics homework. Depending on their stage, this will usually consist of words to read or spell. 

We also send a weekly homework task which is usually aimed at  consolidating  recent learning in mathematics or English.


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