Science Week 2018


Pupils enjoyed a range of 'hands-on' learning experiences to celebrate Science Week 2018


Mr Norman launched our Science Week on Monday with an informative assembly about the importance of recycling and how the oceans are becoming polluted with waste - especially plastic - which is having a detrimental impact on wildlife and the environment. A competition was launched in which children could choose from a range of activiies aimed at developing awareness of the issues relating to plastic waste in our seas and oceans.

Throughout the week, classes work on a range of different science-related activities before joining together on Friday to share their learning with each other in a special assembly. During the assembly, Mr Norman and his expert judges - Aurelia and Poppy from Year 3 - announced the winners for the competitions. We hope you enjoy reading about how we celebrated our Science Week below:



One of the wonderful competition entries: a superb 'piggy'-bank, complete with a removable nose to get at those safely guarded pennies!


Class 1


Class 1 pupils presenting what they have been learning about during Science Week in assembly


Class 1 pupils enjoyed a range of different science-based activities over the course of the week including investigating the most effective way to melt ice and learning about the dangers of plastic pollution. The children loved making their very own 'beach in a bottle' and were also fascinated to learn how water and oils do not mix - something they enjoyed sharing with the rest of the school during assembly. 


Class 2

For Class 2, the whole week had a marine theme. In English lessons, the children learnt the story of Pirate Tom, then wrote in role as Tom, producing some great speech bubbles using the Purple Mash pirate mashcam.  In one science lesson, pupils explored ocean food chains and realised the importance  of the tiny plankton. The children also had fun designing camouflage patterns for seabed-dwelling flatfish. However, the highlight for most of the children was our small-world investigation, looking at how chemicals used carelessly on the land can end up polluting the ocean. There was great excitement as they saw our “ocean” gradually turning green!


Class 3

Class 3 have loved creating keynote presentations and posters to persuade people to think more carefully about their use of plastic. Pupils have made thoughtful, practical suggestions of what we can do to help such as taking part in an organised beach clean. They have also made some creative models of designs to help clean up the oceans. 




Class 4

On Monday, pupils from Class 4 enjoyed learning about the body and the importance of nutrition. They assessed their diet and designed a healthy meal, showing how the different nutritional aspects of their selections combined to provide the perfect balance required for the human body.

The following day,  pupils concentrated on forces and worked in pairs to see who could build the highest structure using cocktail sticks and marshmallows. Pupils were challenged to think about how to construct their models in order to distribute gravity's forces. Phoebe and Aidan's collaboration won the competition - sadly many competitors' models were unable to stand long enough to be measured - a true case of gravity in action!





Finally, inspired by Mr Norman's 'up-cycling' challenge, pupils enjoyed using a collection of plastic waste to fashion some impressive 3D models of Greek-inspired vases! Well done to everyone on their wonderful constructions!



So there you have it! A wonderful week enjoyed by all of our pupils. Many thanks to parents who assisted in helping pupils to design and construct their models at home and special thanks to Mr Norman for leading Science Week and presenting some engaging assemblies with some very powerful messages. 



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