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Richard Craven:

Gemma Scotchford:

Charlotte Quigley:

Headteacher, responsible for football, netball and assessment

Liverpool supporter



Deputy headteacher

KS2 teacher, responsible for Mathematics, teaching and learning and curriculum



Office administrator and finance




Early Years & KS1 Team



Beth Newby:

Kim Moore:

Laura Seymour:

Reception/Year 1 teacher

responsible for Religious Education and Geography



Reception/Year 1 teacher

responsible for History and Art

Netball player


Teaching assistant EYFS/KS1


Iron woman and triathlon champion



Mark Norman:

Heather Rossetti:


KS1 teacher

responsible for Mathematics and Science

Norwich City supporter; cycling enthusiast



Teaching assistant KS1

brownie-baker extraordinaire





KS2 Team


Rachel Gilmour:

Elizabeth Greenwood:

Roslyn Brown:

KS2 teacher 

responsible for English, Computing &  ITT.

KS1& KS2 teacher

responsible for Special Educational Needs Choir leader

Teaching assistant KS2

Manchester United supporter






Subject-specific specialists



Adrian Draper:

Anna Norman:


P.E. teacher and sports team coach. 

Site-maintenance officer

Manchester City supporter

Music teacher, peripatetic music tutor and ensemble conductor  


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Lisa Rakowski

Julie Kennerley

Sandra Wright

School chef Lunchtime supervisor Lunchtime supervisor



Nether Alderley Primary School, Bradford Lane, Nether Alderley, Macclesfield SK10 4TR