At Nether Alderley Primary School, we recognise the importance in ensuring that pupils and staff are well-presented at all times. Pupils wear a school uniform, not only to ensure that they are comfortable and ideally-equipped for their daily activities, but also to enable them to take pride in belonging to our school community.

Guidance relating to expectations regarding approriate presentation for pupils, including expectations relating to jewellery, hair accessories and PE, can be found below. We thank our families for their support.


Nether Alderley Primary School Uniform Rules
At Nether Alderley we have a smart style of uniform which is comfortable to wear for pupils and easy to maintain for parents. We believe that it is important for all pupils to follow the guidelines we provide as this fosters a sense of pride in our school and impacts positively on pupils’ behaviour and attitude. 
We provide regular opportunities during the school year for pupils to wear their own clothes to school and although we are generally very happy with the appearance of our pupils, there have been a few questions raised regarding the specifics of our uniform policy. Therefore, we felt that it would be helpful for parents, pupils and teachers to provide some clarity.
Nether Alderley Primary School uniform consists of: 

  • Black outdoor school shoes. These should be suitable for school activities such as running and playing. Trainers may be worn at playtimes. 
  • Red polo shirt with the Nether Alderley logo. 
  • Grey school sweatshirt with red stripe and logo. 
  • Grey school trousers, skirt or tailored shorts (smart culottes are also acceptable). 
  • Grey socks or tights. 
  • A warm coat or waterproof jacket for when the weather is cold or wet.

Other options:

  • Red checked dresses in the summer with option of white socks

All uniform is available from the National Schoolwear Centre (Trutex), King Edward Road, Macclesfield. There are also regular sales of second-hand uniform at PTA events.
PE Kit

For PE lessons, children wear:-

  • red school T-shirt
  • black shorts
  • black pumps or training shoes.
  • A school tracksuit is used for outdoor PE lessons.

These are kept at school throughout the week in a drawstring bag, or smaller shoulder bag that does not take up too much cloakroom space and should be in school all week. A separate plastic bag for trainers is also helpful to keep the rest of the kit clean. 
Naming items

We also ask that all items of clothing or footwear are clearly marked with your child’s name.
Hair and accessories 

Please note that long hair should be tied back, so that it is not a distraction in the classroom or a safety hazard during PE sessions. This will also help with avoiding the spread of head lice.

The only jewellery that is permitted at school is a wrist-watch. 
Children wearing necklaces, wrist bands, bracelets, earrings etc. will be asked to remove them. 
NB. Exceptional circumstances – if ears have been recently pierced then pupils may present a letter with the date they were pierced and the date they can then remove earrings. Guidance usually suggests a maximum of six weeks.
We hope that these guidelines for school uniform are clear and easy to follow. For the vast majority of pupils and parents who adhere to the guidelines, it is fair that these are enforced properly across the school and that incorrect uniform is addressed.

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